Official Board

The Official Board shall be composed of all the class leaders, exhorters, deaconesses, stewards, trustees, stewardesses and presidents of all organization of a station, circuit or mission, including the president of the Lay Organization. The officers, both juniors and adults, or Junior Church shall be members of the Official Board and shall contribute to the funds collected for the church, pastor, presiding elder, the poor and general funds.

Pastor shall be a member of the Board and its ex officio chairperson.

Local preachers shall be regarded as honorary member on the Board and shall be required to visit it at its regular sessions.

The Board shall elect annually a secretary and a treasurer. A steward should be elected secretary, if there is one competent to hold this office

For more details and full outline of duties, refer to “The Doctrine and Discipline of The African Methodist Episcopal Church”

2022 Offical Board Members

Bro. Charles Box - Trustee,Treasuer

Sis. Kenna Brassfield - Steward, Class Leader,WMS Pres., Fianace Comm., Funeral Min Coord/Repast Ministry

Sis. Dr. Brandi Brown - Steward, Social Action

Sis. Sally Brown - Class Leader

Sis. Sherilyn Coleman - Stewardess, Class Leader, Funeral Min Coord/Repast Ministry

Bro. Reuben Cooper Jr. - Steward, Church School Supt. Finance Comm.

Sis. Andrea Cossey - YPD Director, ASAP Coord.

Sis. Diane Cossey - New Class Leader Coord, BOCE Director

Sis. Gwynda Dunklin - Decor Ministry Coord, Finance Comm

Sis. DeSatra Ferguson - Lay President, Finance Comm.

Bro. Noah Garcia - Trustee

Sis. Minnie Glover - Class Leader

Sis. Elizabeth Green - Senior Ministry Coord.


Sis. Edwina Huggard - Stewardess

Sis. Patricia James - Stewardess

Bro. Emmanuel Jones- Trustee, Finance Comm.

Sis. Michelle Manigault - Stewardess

Sis. Karen Marks - Chidren's Church Ministry  Coord., Bereavement Coord.

Sis. Rodell Marshall - Stewardess, Finance Comm, Kitchen Ministry Coord.

Sis. Evelyn Meeks - Wedding Ministry Coord.



Sis. Carstella Miller - Deconesses

Sis. Yvonne Muhammad - 5th Sunday Coord., Book Store Ministry 

Sis. Doris Nolan - Class Leader

Bro. Ernest Ponds - Trustee

Rev. Nina S. Pryor - Class Leader Coord., Youth Ministry Coord., 2nd Sunday Coord.

Bro. Otis Scott - Trustee

Sis. Estella Smith - Class Leader

Sis. Zelma Smith - Stewardess

Sis. Glenda Sockwell - Steward, Financial Secretary, Website / Facebook Coord.

Sis. Danita Stanford - Steward Pro-tem, Youth Choir Coord., Praise Team Ministry Coord., Finance Comm.

Bro. Wendell Stanford - Trust

Bro. Wendell Thompson - Trustee, Sanctuary Choir Pres., New Mbr/Catechism Breakfast Coord.

Bro. Theon Washington - Trustee Pro-tem, Audio/Video Ministry Coord. Finance Com

Sis. Joyce Wingo - Class Leader

Sis. Jaleesa Woodfork - Trustee, Finance Comm. Junior Usher Board









Official Board Meetings are scheduled the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 6pm to 7pm.

All Official Board Members must attend!